New Blog…Welcome to my world of screenwriting!

Hello, world! My name is Sarah and I’ve always wanted to become a screenwriter. I now consider myself a screenwriter, although I’ve had nothing optioned, I hope to someday. This blog will consist of a myriad of posts pertaining to screenwriting, movies, the industry…anything and everything alike. I don’t claim to be an expert, I actually consider myself a novice. I’m only 25 and still learning new things about screenwriting and movies everyday. I still haven’t seen all of the classic films needed to call yourself a well educated screenwriter, (or movie buff) but I’m getting there. I’m not perfect, I’m just being Miley…only few will get this, haha.

My blog will consist of:

  • Movie Reviews
  • Movie/Screenwriting Articles
  • Anything Screenwriting/Movies, really
  • My progress on breaking into the industry
  • TV and TV shows even, why not?
  • My thoughts…basically whatever the F I want

I look forward to posting things, and although I’m hardly knowledgeable in this colossal world, I will do my best and try to sound and appear smart. Okey? OK! Just kidding…Okay.

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