Great Websites For Screenwriters/Filmmakers

Hello, Clarice. (Silence of the Lambs, anyone?)

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you great websites for screenwriters and filmmakers and all the people alike.

Stage 32 is a great place for creatives within the film, TV, and theater industry. It’s a great place to connect with other screenwriters. They have discussion boards that you can contribute or start any topic discussion. It’s also a great place to make connections with people in your similar field of creativity. It provides great, helpful articles about film making and screenwriting.

IndieWire is one of my favorite websites. It provides great articles, reviews, and interviews with filmmakers, screenwriter, actors, producers, etc. On the website, they discuss upcoming projects and it really gives you an insight into the film world.

The Script Lab is a great platform for screenwriters. There are movie reviews, screenwriting articles, pretty much everything screenwriting, they have. Also, I am a writer for The Script Lab. I wrote 2 different reviews I will link if you want to check those out.

Fargo Movie Review- The Best Fake True Screenplay Ever

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Review- A Controversial, But Marketable Screenplay

The Black List website is a great website if you’re looking to get noticed in the industry. For a fee, you can put your script on The Black List and producers, directors, and other industry professionals look for the next best script. It’s a great platform to get started and screenwriters have had their scripts picked up through this website.

Bluecat Screenplay Competition is a great competition for screenwriters. I entered two scripts into the 2015 competition but didn’t make it, and rightfully so. Looking over my scripts, I agree with Gordy Hoffman, (founder of Bluecat) my scripts weren’t ready yet. Anyway, it’s a great website filled with rich articles, notes, and messages from screenwriter Gordy Hoffman (the brother of late Seymour Hoffman). Gordy holds screenwriting workshops in different cities in the US and online. It’s a great honor for Gordy to give you feedback.

Withoutabox is an awesome website which shows all of the upcoming film festivals for screenwriters and filmmakers. It’s a great way to enter your scripts into the business (via film festivals and competitions) and it gives you the guidelines and deadlines of the film fests. Great for filmmakers.

Vimeo is a wonderful place for filmmakers to showcase their films and projects. It’s a video website for the creative soul. It’s filled with short films and videos. It’s a very inspiring site. One of my favorites on there is Philip Bloom. Check him out.

Movie Maker Magazine is a magazine and website with great articles about film making and screenwriting and everything alike. There are tons of great stuff on this site!

This next website isn’t a screenwriting or film website, but rather a tool for saving all those excellent articles to read later.

Pocket – This is the website I use to save any videos or articles to read later. My pocket queue is filled with screenwriting and movie articles. You can sync it up with your phone, computer, tablet, etc to just click a button and it saves it in your pocket to read later at your convenience. I use it every single day. It’s so much better than emailing myself the articles.

Hope you guys can check out these awesome websites. They’re of so much value to screenwriters. I’ve learned so much solely from these websites.


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