Cameron Crowe’s ALOHA – Watch The First 8 Minutes

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Cameron Crowe’s new movie, Aloha. First of all, they hardly show native Hawaiian people. It’s largely white people, which is completely untrue and the natives are pissed. Second, Emma Stone’s character, Allison Ng, is supposed to be of Asian descent. I could actually see her passing as like 3% Asian. Third, critics and the general public agree this movie is a disaster for several reasons. The acting, directing, dialogue, camera angles, the list goes on…

Although I haven’t actually seen the film myself, I’ve heard some pretty bad reviews.

Christy Lemire from summed it up as: For all its needless complications, “Aloha” can be summed up simply: It’s “Elizabethtown,” in Hawaii. (For me, Elizabethtown was dreadful).

From seeing the first 8 minutes, I can definitely see that. The acting is a bit off, the dialogue is unnatural. You’d think if a movie has great actors such as Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams, the acting would be above subpar.

Cameron Crowe is known for writing and directing: Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, Elizabethtown, and We Bought A Zoo.

Thanks to Sony, you can now watch the first 8 minutes and see for yourself how bad (or good) you think it is. Thoughts, comments? Is it really as bad as people are saying?


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