“Passengers” Sci Fi starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence


Sony has announced they will release Jon Spaihts‘ sci fi movie, Passengers, which will star Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. They begin shooting in July.

The film takes place in space. This is becoming quite the leitmotif in Hollywood. Space movies have always been widely successful in the industry and as we keep advancing in time, outer space movies will continue to be made. Hopefully in the future, they will hold 100% legitimacy once we’ve explored additional galaxies, etc. (Yes I believe there is life on other planets).

The plot line of the film is: A spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a distant colony planet malfunctions in one of its sleep chambers and a passenger (Pratt) awakens 90 years before his time (some interstellar related shit). Aaaaand he falls for J-Law’s character when he decides to wake up a second passenger.

The director will be Morten Tyldum, who also directed The Imitation Game.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m excited about J-Law and C-Pratt (yeah I just did that) starring in a film together.

Thoughts on space movies? Are they overdone in Hollywood? Have we lost our sense of originality for space movies?


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