Orphan – Script of the Week

An idea just came to me. Weekly scripts. What does this mean? Well, I will try to read a Hollywood produced script every week and post a link to it, to recommend to read or not to read. A few scrambled thoughts on it, and the trailer to the movie. Old scripts, new scripts. Doesn’t matter.

This week I read the script for the movie Orphan. This movie was written by David Leslie Johnson and Alex Mace and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The horror movie came out in 2009. The movie follows a couple who recently lost their baby and decide to adopt a 9-year-old Russian girl, who turns out to be rather sinister.

I really enjoyed the locution of the script. For the most part it read smoothly from page to page. Some of the words used really jump out at you. The action sequences packed a punch. The ending was a bit different than the ending from the movie. I’d recommend checking it out and share your thoughts.

Orphan script: –> http://www.horrorlair.com/scripts/Orphan.pdf



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