Sexism in Hollywood

Sexism in Hollywood is a very prevalent subject. A great article was just published on that very subject matter. It’s a great read.

It’s written by Maureen Dowd, who’s a columnist for the New York Times.

Check it out here:

Sexism In Hollywood

A word on the subject: It seems men in Hollywood (similar to all men really) can’t get something through their tiny brains: women are ubiquitous. They’re in offices, they’re CEO’s, he’ll they’re even directing and writing movies. (Shocking I know). I don’t know why that’s such a difficult concept to grasp for men. We’ve had a black male president, we’ve had women run for presidency, so I’m not sure why they can’t accept the work of a woman. I’ll give you my opinion. I think they’re scared. Men are intimidated by a hardworking woman who knows what she wants. Because deep down men are these fearful creatures who subconsciously fear the wrath of their mothers. (Just analyzing here). Women have a different perspective from men, so shouldn’t that be refreshing in the entertainment business? You’d think so, but our world is still progressing a tiny bit at a time. We’re moving in slow motion, and we need to catch up. It’s 2015 and women are still getting paid less than men for the same jobs. You know what I say to that? Fuck you!! *Middle finger* It’s sickening that this is still an ongoing thing. The end.



The Foxy Merkins – A Lesbian Film Made By Lesbians

Last night I came across a great movie on Netflix. It’s called The Foxy Merkins, but you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s a super indie movie that came out in 2013 about two lesbian hookers who become friends whilst servicing Manhattan women. I mean if that doesn’t hook you right away, then what does?

I can honestly say I laughed out loud so much during this movie. Surprisingly enough, it’s one of the funnier movies I’ve seen and that was so damn refreshing. There are so many awful movies being produced, and although this movie isn’t perfect, it is genuine, hilarious, and entertaining.

It’s written by Madeleine Olnek, Lisa Haas, and Jackie Monahan and directed by Madeleine Olnek. It stars the two writer Lisa and Jackie as the lesbian hookers. A familiar face is also in the movie: Alex Karpovsky from Girls.

Let me give you 5 reasons why you need to watch this movie:

  1. It’s hilarious. Like seriously, it’s actually really hilarious. I LOL’d on several occasions.
  2. Lisa Haas is genuinely hilarious in it.
  3. It’s a refreshing buddy/lesbian comedy.
  4. The comedy is on point. Perfect comedic timing.
  5. It’s free to watch to Netflix or Amazon.
  6. Because we see Lisa Haas full frontal and it’s phenomenal.

I added an important 6th in there because I can. And also, Lisa Haas has a wonderful voluptuous woman’s body and I’m a fan! Let’s feature more woman like her on screen, please!

But seriously, check out this comedy. I give it a 4/5.

Check out the trailer: