My Top 5 Kirsten Dunst Movies

I am currently obsessed with Kirsten Dunst. Actually, I don’t think my obsession ever subsided. I’m on season 2 of Fargo and I’m in love with both the show and Kirsten herself. So I thought I’d list my top 5 Kirsten Dunst movies in order starting with my favorite.

  1. All I Wanna Do
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  3. Fargo
  4. Bring It On
  5. Jumanji

I know Fargo is a TV show, but y’all gotta agree she is great in it. (I totes ship her and Jesse Plemons in real life by the way).

It was nearly impossible to choose between Fargo and Drop Dead Gorgeous as the number 2 spot, but the hilarity that Amber Atkins is, trumps all!


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