Up and Coming Actress – Kate Lyn Sheil


This is Kate Lyn Sheil.

You might have seen her in movies such as Queen of Earth and You’re Next. But you will definitely be seeing more of her. She is starring in Kate Plays Christine which will premiere at Sundance. The movie is sort of a documovie, where Kate prepares to portray the role of Christine Chubbuck, a real-life news reporter from Florida who killed herself live on air. Chills, man.

Kate has appeared in several other roles, mostly supporting roles, and in some short films as well such as the ones below:

Credit: T.J. Misny, writer/director & Kate Lyn Sheil as lead actress

I first noticed Sheil in Helberger In Paradise where she attends her first love’s funeral. And she kind of plays a hot mess.

Kate has upcoming projects to get psyched about including The Girlfriend Experience, Buster’s Mal Heart, and Equals, where she stars alongside Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Holt.

I like her look, I dig her style, and I look forward to her blossoming career.


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