Let’s make this short and sweet shall we?

I’m an aspiring screenwriter.

The first thing I ever wanted to be in this world was a barbie…yep you heard me, a BARBIE. That was short-lived. After that phase was over, I wanted to become a doctor, mainly because my father was one. Fast forward 8 years. The next thing I wanted to become was a nurse. That’s doable, I thought. You don’t have to be super smart like you would a doctor and I’d be saving lives. Some ER shit. Great, right? Nope. Fast forward 1 & 1/2, 2 years. My true calling in life. A screenwriter.

When I was 10, I remember I wrote my first full length film. Okay, I didn’t exactly complete it (the worst thing a screenwriter can do by the way), I completed about 60 pages of it. A good chunk, but it was clearly a chunk of shit looking back now. I was only 10, what did you expect? Anyway, it was about a guy who has dreams about people who are going to die and he has to save them. It was titled “Dreams.” Yes, very cheesy and cliche, but it was something. My brain was throwing out ideas left and right and I had to capture them on paper.

I went through a period in my life since the age of 10 that I shied away from screenwriting. Not necessarily because I didn’t have ideas, but rather I was busy in school and didn’t have time for it. Or I was actually too busy watching TV and movies, but I only really got serious about screenwriting fairly recent. I would say about 3 or 4 years ago is when I really dedicated myself to the craft of screenwriting. And now I’m obsessed. Completely. I’m in love with movies, scripts, screenwriting, all of it.

My accomplishments consist of 5 complete full length feature films: 2 comedies, 1 thriller, and 2 dramas. And I am damn proud of these scripts.

I have also written short films, short TV episodes, etc. Nothing published…yet. But I will work my damn hardest to make it. My goal isn’t money, it’s having the world see what I’ve created. Having them experience my craft. Changing somebody’s life and/or mood. So much for this bio being short and sweet, that was more like long and salty. Hah, bad joke!

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