Passengers Trailer

The much anticipated Passengers finally has its first trailer. Check it out:

The movie is written by John Spaihts, who has a few exciting upcoming projects; Van HelsingDoctor StrangeThe Mummy, and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. He also wrote Prometheus (2012) and The Darkest Hour (2011). It’s directed by Morten Tyldum, who also directed The Imitation Game.

The movie follows Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s characters in outer space. From the trailer we see that they woke up too soon…90 years too soon…dun dun dunnnnn! *Suspenseful music*

I’m excited for this movie to come out. I’m especially excited to see JLaw have drunken sex with Chris. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

The movie comes out December 21st. A great birthday present to me!


Film Tag – Questions


I thought I’d do a film tag so you can get to know me and the types of movies I like, a little better. Hope you enjoy!

1. Favorite film of all time?

I have a lot of favorites but we will go with a classic…Titanic. That one just pulls at my heart strings. Also, Take Shelter.

2. Favorite scene from this film?

Right after Jack and Cal watch Rose get on a lifeboat then she jumps back on the ship and runs into Jack’s arms. The music blended with the images…so beautiful! “You’re so stupid, Rose. You’re so stupid. Why did you do that?”

3. Favorite action film?

I have a few but I tried narrowing it down to ones I could watch over and over again. King Kong remake with Jack Black and Naomi Watts or The Incredile Hulk with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, but also Armageddon.

4. Favorite thriller film?

This changes a lot but I’ll say Black Swan.  Honorable mention: Office Killer.

5. Favorite psychological film?

Magic Magic by Sebastian Silva. I also appreciate Nasty Baby.

6. Favorite comedy film?

Little Miss Sunshine. But also, All I Wanna Do, by Sarah Kernochan, as a close second.

7. Favorite scene from this film?

**Spoiler alert** When Dwayne realizes he’s colorblind and jumps out of the van screaming.

8. Favorite black comedy?

This is probably one of my favorite categories of film. I have so many. Drop Dead Gorgeous, American Beauty, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Ghost World.

9. Funniest scene from this film?

I’ll choose my favorite scene from Drop Dead Gorgeous. I love the talent show portion, especially when frail Mary Johanson wheels across stage. It gets me every time.

10. Favorite horror film?

Magic Magic, Let the Right One In with Chloe Grace Moretz, We Are What We Are, The Descent. Too many to choose from.

11. Favorite animated film?


12. Favorite romance film?

I’m going to have to go with Titanic again.

13. Favorite drama film?

Take Shelter and Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus.

14. Favorite Mystery Film?

Mystic River.

15. Favorite sci-fi film?


16. Favorite indie film?

This is tough but I would probably say Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols. Honorable mention: Charlie Bartlett.

17. Top 5 directors?

Sebastian Silva, Jeff Nichols, Lynn Shelton, Diablo Cody, and The Coen Brothers.

18. Favorite Film Score?

Titanic, Avatar, American Beauty, and Charlie Bartlett. 

19. Favorite Movie Soundtrack?

Juno and Across the Universe. 

20. Favorite guilty pleasure film?

Mean Girls and Scary Movie 1 & 2.

21. Most disturbing scene in a film?

In The Hills Have Eyes (2006), one of the creepy killers breastfeeds before killing Vinessa Shaw’s character. So disturbing!

I know this may be considered cheating, but I have to add some honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut: Thelma & Louise, Stranger Than Fiction, Sunshine Cleaning, Girl Interrupted, The One I Love, Carol, Pitch Perfect, The Others, The Uninvited, and The Faculty.

Let me know what your favorite movies are! Hope you enjoyed my selection.


Upcoming Movies

There are some exciting movies coming out in the near future. I thought I would share the movies I’m most excited about and have been anticipating for a while.

Goat starring James Franco and Nick Jonas. The reason why I’m excited to see this film is because yes, I’m obsessed with James Franco, but also, it takes us inside a very intense look at the horrors of frat houses. Hopefully this film will shed light on the issue with pledges dying as a result of grueling initiations. Directed by Andrew Neel. Check out the trailer below. The film hits theaters on September 23rd.

The next movie I am DYING to see is The Intervention, which is written and directed by the AMAZING Clea Duvall. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since it hit Sundance, where it won 2 awards. The movie has an outstanding cast (Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall, reunited as lovers once again) and is about a group of friends who stage an intervention for a couple who really needs it. This technically was in select theaters August 26th, but it would be a sin not to throw it in. Check out the trailer below:

The next film is getting a lot of buzz. Nocturnal Animals written and directed by Tom Ford, starring Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michael Shannon. The trailer is intense. It sort of reminds me of Nightcrawler starring Jake G. Usually you know it’s a good film if the trailer is obscure and doesn’t give too much away. Fingers crossed. It will hit theaters December 9th. Check out the trailer below:

The next movie that has been much anticipated is Miss Sloane starring my girl, Jessica Chastain and it follows Chastain’s character as she attempts to pass gun control legislation, a much needed movie right now. Written by Jonathan Perera, directed by John Madden. This movie also hits theaters December 9th and will be competing with Nocturnal Animals for the #1 spot. Check out the trailer below:

The last film I’m excited about is Kate Plays Christine starring Kate Lyn Sheil. The film follows Kate getting into character to play Christine Chubbuck, a 1970’s television anchor who committed suicide on live television. The movie differs from Christine by Antonio Campos in the sense that it’s more of a Documovie (Documentary/Movie), whereas Christine is a straight up movie. It’s the same story being told in two very different fashions. I’m looking forward to both. Katie Plays Christine is written and directed by Robert Greene. Christine is written by Craig Shilowich and directed by Antonio Campos. I will post both trailers below:

What movies are you guys excited to see? Let me know.


On the set of “Downsizing” starring Matt Damon

I had the unique opportunity on Thursday April 14th to be hang around the set of Matt Damon and Alexander Payne’s latest movie called Downsizing. They were shooting scenes in the Omaha area and I decided to check it out. I will provide pictures and video to go along with my experience.

I caressed Matt Damon’s arm and had a chance to talk with writer/director Alexander Payne, who is an Omaha native. He gave me some great screenwriting advice that I may share at a later time.

Downsizing is about a man who decides to shrink himself, hence the name “Downsizing,” in order to have a better life. It’s supposedly a social satire, which I expect from Alexander Payne.

The movie will come out December 25, 2017. It is starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alec Baldwin. The only two stars who were shooting scenes in Omaha were Kristen Wiig and Matt Damon.

As you all may know, Alexander Payne likes to come back to his hometown of Omaha and shoot scenes for his movies. It’s his thing. Mad respect.

Here’s a video of me on set:

Above is the house they were shooting scenes at. This is the house Damon’s character downsizes to.

Matt walking around on set.

Matt came over to take pictures and sign autographs for fans.